The Leader of Managers
Leading in a Multi-Unit,
Multi-Concept World

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Change, Vision, Champion, Serve

Multi-unit enterprises take many forms, private, public, retail, service, franchisee or franchisor. But all share a complex structure which requires a new kind of concept mastery. That's where the Leader of Managers comes in.

The Plan for the Leader of Managers

Become an Agent of Change and identify the challenges which are confronting your organization.  No great leader ever became great by maintaining the status quo.  

Provide Clarity of Vision a clear path for the future for your team and the people they in turn will lead.

Be the Champion of Your People especially those who are inside the "magic square meter" where the service worker and the customer meet. You must take the time to be both a manager and a leader, knowing when to act tactically and when to be strategic.

Embrace Servant Leadership and ask yourself, "What can I do today that will make their jobs easier and more meaningful?" 


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